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Mipi switch: A Powerful Tool For Realizing IPC Multi-lens

Mipi switch: A powerful tool for realizing IPC multi-lens

This time I want to talk to you about “What exactly is mipi switch?” Before talking about mipi switch, we must first start with the industry gun ball linkage camera.


1. Industrial PTZ with bullet dual lens camera

PTZ with bullet dual lens camera was originally developed for professional security industry applications. It uses two main control chips, and the main control uses network switch communication. The hardware block diagram is as follows:

Some friends may ask, do I need an online Switch? Not necessarily. If the camera does not need an external network port, just communicate directly with the PHY of the two main control chips.

But the actual situation is that network ports are necessary for professional security industry applications, so a network switch is needed. Later, when high-end main controllers have the capability of multi-channel sensors, there is no need to use a network switch to expand the network port. The hardware block diagram is as follows:

After talking about industry PTZ with bullet dual lens cameras, let’s talk about how consumer-grade multi-lens cameras are implemented?

2. Consumer-grade multi-lens cameras

The development process is similar to the industry PTZ with bullet dual lens camera, but in addition to using a network switch or two PHYs to directly connect for communication, USB will also be used for communication. The hardware block diagram is as follows:

Considering that USB may be occupied by 4G module or WiFi module, different communication methods will be used in different scenarios.

But in any case, the cost of using two master controllers is still high. Therefore, mipi switch, which is widely used on mobile phones, has become everyone’s first choice.

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3. mipi switch solution

The main control receives two Sensor signals in a time-shared manner by controlling the GPIO timing, and then the main control performs signal splitting. Under the hardware block diagram:

Through mipi switch, multi-camera applications can be realized very well, such as gun ball, multi-view camera, hybrid zoom camera, etc. At the same time, mipi switch is not expensive.

last words

In a sense, mipi switch is just a very good transition solution. As more and more main controllers support multi-sensor capabilities in the future, mipi switch will withdraw from the security camera industry just like network switch.


The following (common mipi transmission bandwidth):

1. Mipi is generally divided into 1lane, 2lane, 4lane, and 1 lane is a pair of differential signal lines.

2. The transmission rate of 1lane is generally 1~2.5Gbps, which is converted into 2lane 2~5Gbps and 4lane 4~10Gbps.

3. The most common consumer-grade cameras are mipi 2 lane. Calculated based on the theoretical value of 2Gbps, and the actual value is converted by 70%, the maximum rate is 1.4Gbps.

3. Calculated based on an image color depth of 8bit and a frame rate of 20fps, 1.4Gbps mipi can transmit a maximum of 8.75 million pixels. 1.4Gbps/8/20 = 8.75 million.


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