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Q: What is H.265

Q: What is H.265

A: The encoding architecture of H.265/HEVC is roughly similar to the architecture of H.264/AVC, and mainly includes: intra-prediction, inter-prediction, transform, and quantization, deblocking filter, entropy coding, and other modules.

However, in the HEVC coding architecture, the whole is divided into three basic units, namely: coding unit (CU), prediction unit (PU) and transform unit (TU).

The H.265 standard revolves around the existing image coding standard H.264, which retains some original technologies and improves some related technologies at the same time. The new technology uses advanced technology to improve the relationship between bit rate, encoding quality, delay and algorithm complexity to achieve optimal settings.

The specific research content includes: improving compression efficiency, improving robustness and error recovery capability, reducing immediate delay, reducing channel acquisition time, and random access delay, reducing complexity, etc.


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