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Vietnam: A Different Consumer-grade IPCAM Market

Vietnam: A Different Consumer-grade IPC Market

In 2023, Vietnam’s population will exceed 100 million.

In 2023, Vietnam’s per capita GDP will exceed US$4,200.

In 2023, Vietnam is the only country visited by the heads of state of China and the United States.


As a socialist country with the same political system as China, Vietnam also has many similarities in the field of IPC. For example, operators also play a similar important role and are one of the main driving forces of the market. The top three mobile subscriber operators in Vietnam are Viettel, VNPT and Mobifone. According to 2021 data, Viettel is the market leader with more than half of its user share. In the broadband field, the top three operators are VNPT, Viettel and FPT. It is worth mentioning that VNPT is an enterprise affiliated with the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Vietnam, while VTT is affiliated with the Ministry of National Defense. This reflects that the dominant position in the entire operator market is mainly occupied by state-owned enterprises.

Perhaps it is this relatively special market structure on a global scale that has a certain impact on the network connection quality and service levels of devices, especially in terms of network delays when accessing global servers. In addition, considering that so far, no overseas cloud vendors have deployed large-scale data centers in Vietnam, this has brought additional network challenges for users to access global servers.
Test data conducted in Hanoi’s broadband network environment shows that accessing Amazon’s North American servers may require more than 20 network nodes, and the total link delay is very large. Especially at the Vietnamese operator’s last overseas node and its first overseas node, the latency of both hops exceeded 150 milliseconds. The situation of accessing European servers and Chinese services is slightly better, which may be related to the AAE-1 submarine optical cable that was put into operation in 2017, which helps Vietnam connect the Asian, European and African continents at faster speeds.
In Vietnam’s consumer IPC market, we have also observed some characteristics that are significantly different from other Asian countries. According to statistics from, Vietnam ranks 28th in the world in terms of the number of IPV4 addresses, which is still much lower than its ranking of 15th in terms of global population. The number of IPV4 addresses per capita is lower than that of China.
This may be the main reason why Vietnam’s IPC outflow success rate is relatively low, especially the P2P penetration success rate, which is far lower than that of developed regions. It is also much lower than Thailand and Indonesia in Southeast Asia.

According to the Speed Test network test, although Vietnam’s mobile network speed is only ranked 53rd in the world, the data is actually good. The download and upload bandwidth can reach 47Mbps and 19.5Mbps respectively, which is equivalent to the data in the United Kingdom and Japan. The situation is similar with broadband. So we can roughly draw this conclusion: Vietnam’s network infrastructure is good, but the speed limit for cross-border access is very obvious.


At the same time, we also discovered some interesting phenomena in terms of user behavior. Compared with other Asian countries, the proportion of Vietnamese users who actively activate cloud storage is very low, indicating that paid cloud storage has not yet been widely accepted in Vietnam, and more guidance from operators may be needed in the future.
In addition, the average duration of Vietnamese users watching IPC videos on the app is the lowest in Asia, and a large proportion of users choose to turn off event alerts.
Correspondingly, a relatively high proportion of users use SD cards to record videos, and most of them use event recording mode. Most SD cards are available in 32GB and 64GB sizes, but surprisingly, a significant proportion of users use 4GB cards. This may reflect some special hardware usage in the Vietnamese IPC market, which may be affected by storage costs or device compatibility.

Overall, Vietnam has a large population base and rapid GDP growth. The current IPC market is restricted by the special network environment and cloud service infrastructure, which may have a series of impacts on technical features. If you want to create a good user experience, it is by no means as simple as copying products from China or other Southeast Asian countries.
The IPC market in Vietnam is like the West Lake in Hanoi. It is always foggy and difficult to see clearly, but as long as the strong wind blows it away, it is still beautiful.

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