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What is digital zoom/electronic lens camera?

What is digital zoom/electronic lens camera?

A: Digital zoom, often associated with electronic or digital cameras, is a technology that allows you to zoom in on an image after it has been captured. It’s important to note that digital zoom is different from optical zoom.

1. Optical Zoom:
– Optical zoom is a feature of some cameras and camera lenses that uses the lens’s physical properties to magnify an image. When you use optical zoom, the camera’s lens physically moves to change the focal length, providing a true zoom effect without sacrificing image quality.

2. Digital Zoom:
– Digital zoom, on the other hand, is a software-based technique that enlarges a portion of the image. It doesn’t involve any physical movement of the camera lens. Instead, the camera takes the existing image and crops a portion of it, then enlarges that portion to make it appear as if you zoomed in.
– The downside of digital zoom is that it can result in a loss of image quality. As you zoom in digitally, you are essentially magnifying the pixels in the image, which can lead to pixelation and a decrease in sharpness.

As for electronic or digital cameras, these terms are often used interchangeably with modern digital cameras that capture and store images electronically using image sensors (such as CCD or CMOS sensors) instead of traditional film. Most digital cameras, whether they have fixed lenses or interchangeable lenses, have the capability to use both optical and digital zoom.

When considering a camera, it’s generally advisable to prioritize optical zoom over digital zoom for better image quality. If a camera has both optical and digital zoom, the optical zoom is the one that utilizes the physical lens adjustments to get closer to the subject, maintaining higher image quality.

You can see it yourself that digital zoom loses the quality as it crops in. Digital zoom is more similar to cropping the actual image, which can be achieved in post-processing.

NOTE: Always optical zoom is better than digital zoom

Here is the CCTV lens main board for CCTV cameras FYR.

Fixed lens only supports digital zoom/electronic zoom but not digital zoom, which means the CCTV image only zooms in/zooms out by picture but not the lens.

An optical/motorized varifocal lens is a true and real zoom that supports CCTV image zoom in/zoom out by optical lens but not pictures.

For example as below photo:

Fix lens camera is the first picture, it’s a fixed vision, and can’t zoom in/out.

Varifocal camera is the second picture, it’s a 10X motorized lens and can zoom in/out in long distances.


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